Earth Retention

Tieback Anchors

With Structural Anchor Supply’s selection of Chance® helical soil anchors, Colorado contractors and builders across the country can rely on faster excavations, reduces construction cost, and predictable holding capacity. The Chance® helical anchors are screwed in to the ground and pickup the load in the soil. The anchors transfer the loads to a waler support on the face of the wall. The corrosion resistance system consists of galvanized helical lead in the oxygen free zone, and triple corrosion thread bar tendon from the anchor to the wall. Extensions can be added to tieback anchors to achieve proper depth, and can be proof tested immediately. There is no need for grout to cure, concrete trucks, or pumps. There are also no spoils to remove.

Typical construction applications:


  • Installs in limited access areas
  • No spoils to remove
  • Immediate proof testing and loading
  • Permanent or temporary
  • Capacity proportional to installing torque
  • No concrete trucks or grout pumps needed
  • Installs with equipment for grouted tendons

Chance Soil Screw®

Retention Wall System

Construct gravity walls faster with the Soil Screw® Retention Wall System. Its speed and bearing mode can beat the delays and costs of grouted soil nails.

Load Bearing of screw anchors

Bearing plates are spaced along the entire length of screw anchors. These true-spiral helices install with ease and minimal soil disturbance. Monitoring torque during installation accurately indicates expected holding capacity for predictable results. Capacity is proportional to installation torque.

The Soil Screw® Retention Wall System reinforces in-situ soil with chance soil screw anchors near horizontal. Anchor sizes and grid spacing are determined by soil conditions and load requirements, including intended overburden.

The system removes performance uncertainties and associated costs of grouted soil nail in soils of low shear strength. Chance Soil Screw Anchors act as bearing devices as opposed to grouted anchors, which rely on friction between the soil and grout.

Profit from the design flexibility of this fundamental difference, and join other innovative designers who already have! Get your Soil Screw® Design Manual today.

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