Lighting Foundations – DOT – Utility

Chance® Civil Construction Instant Foundation® Systems are foundations manufactured for decorative, architectural, DOT, utility, area, and airport signal lighting foundations in Colorado, Wyoming, Wisconsin, and the whole of the Midwest.

Typical uses for these products include foundations for equipment pads, foundation supports for signs, supports for light standards and decorative poles, and other eccentric load applications.

Chance® light post foundations are for an above-grade and on-grade mounting in a variety of applications. Though these light pole foundations are not extendable, they are available in a wide diameter pipe and are made with high strength steel that resist bending moments from lateral loads. The installation firmly compresses the soil around the pipe resisting all the loads around the axis. They are very easy to work with and come with a variable base plate that connects to the light post, minimizing installation time.

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Lighting – DOT – Utility

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