The solution to structural foundation failure is Chance® Civil Construction remedial repair brackets for helical foundation repair piers.

The A.B. Chance® systems are backed by more than 80 years of structural engineering experience, making them the most fully viable and sustainable foundation repair products in Colorado, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and everywhere in between.

Buildings that were previously built in poor soil conditions have a tendency to settle over the life of the structure. If these structures are on unstable soils, the foundations are susceptible to moisture problems, cosmetic and structural damage. To correct this problem, galvanized steel Helical Piles are screwed down into stable soils and attached to the foundation with Chance® Brackets. The foundation brackets are utilized to support the weight of the structure. The weight of the home is transferred to a stable soil layer.

This application is an economical solution that minimizes excavation to limited access areas because no heavy equipment is required. Chance® helical piers are the best application to correct differential settlement with respect to the structure. The operation is simple because an underpinning foundation bracket is connected to the footing by chipping away the notch to gain an eccentric (vertical) load. Chance® provides underpinning foundations that are affordable and sustainable to all foundation repair needs.

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